Ross James Wallette owner of Ross James Photography


My name is Ross James Wallette. Through my childhood in the states of Montana, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, I remember being drawn to 2 things. Making music and capturing photos. In university, I studied both, but that’s when I decided I didn’t want to do anything else besides photography. I'm 37 years old now and glad I made that choice!

Over the years I have operated my photography studio in Seattle, Ellensburg, Tri-Cities (all WA state), as well as Seoul, South Korea. I am currently based in the cozy town of Kennewick, WA with my wife and daughter.

My client list includes the likes of New Balance Korea, U2, Seoul Fashion Week, various companies, musicians, designers, as well as all the precious and gorgeous personalities I have done personal photos for. My work has been published in editions of GQ Korea, Acquire Korea, Elle Korea, L'officiel Korea, Washington magazine, 10 magazine, Groove magazine, and DList magazine.

I love to go-all-in on directing creative and challenging photography projects - Be it for a company, an individual, or a personal project.

In my free time, I enjoy backpacking in the wildernesses of Washington State, composing music on piano, playing guitar in a band, and speaking and developing my 2nd language, Korean. However, most of my free time is spent playing with my 2 year old daughter, GG.


instagram @rossjamesphoto