Back from Korea and Clicking!

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Hello friends! Hope you are doing well. 👋

       A lot has been happening since I moved stateside last July. One- my daughter, Gianna, is now 9-months old. I can’t even believe it! Two, I’ve relocated my photography studio once again to WA state... 
       Well, I guess, ‘a lot happening’ can be summed up into those two things 😆. Okay, first, my daughter: Gianna is growing so fast! She’s such cute and happy baby. Don’t you think? You might have already seen some of her laughing videos like this one.

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     A few weeks ago we got back from a trip to Korea. Gianna, first-time flyer, flew through the clouds like a pro. In Korea, she got to meet her Grandparents and her uncle for the first time. The one month trip went by sooo fast. I did a couple photo shoots there and am excited to share those results soon. 

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       Relocating my photography studio back to the states has been a slow, but sure, process. I am operating my studio here in Kennewick, although my photography studio lighting setup has become very portable, it usually sits in the car waiting for the next location shoot to drive to. BTW, I am still shooting 📷 weddings, families, seniors, artists, as well as photos for businesses, and more. 

 Oh yeah, and there’s a new website coming! It’s been too many years overdue, as well as these simple, occasional updates. I’m looking forward to updating you in the future with my photography adventures. Have a nice weekend and a great summer! ☺ 

Ross, Ranna, and Gianna
Ross James Photography

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