2018 with Artmil Design


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First, welcome to my blog and my website! I’ve been wanting to share these images, looking for the right place to do that, and decided a post with some descriptions here would be perfect. Thanks for looking!


2018 with Artmil Design |


Christmas card for the Artmil Team.  


After moving back to the states in 2017, I was looking for a place to setup my studio and work outside of the house. I soon found some space in the same building as Artmil Design in Kennewick. The relationship with Artmil began to build and in 2018 I was asked to be their in-house photographer. The Artmil team consists of experts in web design, business branding, press printing, photo printing, and of course... photography xD

Below is an excerpt of some of the photos I did in 2018 while working with Artmil.


Walla Walla Cheese Co


I’m still not sure which I enjoy more, photographing cheese or eating it, but I know that the longer I photograph it the stronger the desire is to consume it.😂 Oh yeah, and I hadn’t realized how many cheesy jokes can come up when producing a photo shoot for a cheese company until Ryann, Derek and I, at the Artmil team went to Walla Walla to shoot for Walla Walla Cheese Co.

WWCC sets 4.jpg

Behind the scenes shooting on location at Walla Walla Cheese Co

WWCC sets.jpg

Swayze Suite

802_6530-HDR- copy.jpg

We did the website for the Swayze Suite in Hermiston, OR, and I got to brush up on my interior architecture photography in a victorian style bed and breakfast. http://swayzesuite.com/


Boo Mountain Products


Boo Mountain LLC came to us with some early samples of their new products and we set out to create their website as well as photo and video they could use on platforms such as Amazon. For the Roll-on Helper I actually shot the images of the model in the bedroom/bathroom of our own house.😂  http://www.boomountainllc.com/

I actually shot the images of model in the bedroom/bathroom of our own house.

BooMnt Set2.jpg
BooMnt Set1.jpg

Bone Dry Van Wrap


I worked on the design of this wrap and stitching together images of beer. Now the van has actual beer taps on the side and is driving around somewhere in Arizona.🍻


MMC Legal Law Firm

Photo, video, and website for Miller, Mertens, and Comfort. www.mmclegal.net


Columbia Basin Painting

Mike and Shawn remind me that it can be healthy to have a little fun on the job.

These two guys are a riot. After sitting down to talk with them we started throwing around ideas of photoshopping them all over a house, acting like goofballs. Everytime I see this image, Mike and Shawn remind me that sometimes it’s healthy to have a little fun on the job.

Website and print materials for www.cbpaints.com


Bookwalter Winery

801_4916-Edit 2k crop2.jpg

Nookies & Hermiston Brewing Co

Nookies set1.jpg

Lacoste Family Law

Website for a new family law firm. www.lacostefamilylaw.com

LaCoste set1.jpg

Pasta Mama’s


Columbia Basin Hearing Center

Website update, and promotional images for the hearing center on Clearwater ave.


Zain Medical

I started doing promotional images for Zain Medical in Richland, WA. This was before the news dropped that they were under federal investigation by the DEA. 😬


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